Bakermat Cheese

Tasteful combination with white wineTasty cheese for the drinkIdeal for oven dishesTasteful in the cheese fondueEasy to grate

Bakermat Cheese
Farmhouse Cheese as it was made in the olden days

Back to our roots: be amazed by the authentic taste of this unique Farmhouse Cheese. Bakermat cheese is ripened in specially developed maturation chambers for at least two months. This results in the formation of a natural rind and gives the cheese its spicy character. This cheese is ideal for fondue or raclette, but is also delicious in small cubes with a drink or on a cheeseboard.

Origin of milk and production The Netherlands
Kind of milk Cow’s milk
Milk type Thermised
Quality labels Meadow Cheese
Fat designation 50+
Ripening 2-3 months
Size 6 kg
Allergens Contains COW’S MILK,
may contain LACTOSE


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