Goat Cheese Tartufo

Tasteful combination with red wineTasty cheese for the drinkIdeal for oven dishesEasy to grate

Tartufo Goat Cheese
A truffle cheese of Dutch origin with Italian temperament

Let us introduce you to the unique combination of a flavorsome Dutch Farmhouse Cheese with the aromatic scent and intense flavor of Italian black truffle. Only the best truffles are selected for this special cheese. Enjoy the Tartufo and experience that exclusive ‘Italian feeling’!

Origin of milk and production The Netherlands
Kind of milk Goat’s milk
Milk type Thermised
Quality labels Meadow Cheese
Fat content 50+
Ripening 8-12 weeks
Size 5 and 8 kg
Allergens Contains GOAT’S MILK,
may contain LACTOSE

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