Young-matured Raw Milk Farmhouse Cheese 48+

Tasty cheese for the drinkIdeal for oven dishesTasty for the sandwichTasteful combination with white wine

Young-matured Raw Milk Farmhouse Cheese 48+
Ripened 2-3 months

Young mature cheese is one of the most frequently enjoyed cheeses in the Netherlands. The 2-3 month ripening process gives the cheese its unique combination of soft smoothness and creaminess of young cheese and the aromatic flavor of mature cheese.

Origin of milk and production The Netherlands
Kind of milk Cow’s milk
Milk type Raw milk
Quality labels Meadow Cheese, Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (GST)
Fat content 48+
Ripening 2-3 months
Size 2, 12, 16 and 25 kg
Allergens Contains COW’S MILK,
may contain LACTOSE

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