Stolwijker Raw Milk Farmhouse Cheese

Tasteful combination with red wineTasty cheese for the drinkEasy to grate

Stolwijker Raw Milk Farmhouse Cheese
Ripened 2-12 months

The town of Stolwijk is located just outside the city of Gouda. This area is traditional famous for its cheese. The classic cheese is characterized by its slightly spicy, typical farmhouse flavor. The cheese is generally ripened for approximately 7-8 months, but some consumers prefer a shorter or longer ripening.

Origin of milk and production The Netherlands
Kind of milk Cow’s milk
Milk type Raw milk
Quality labels Meadow Cheese, Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (GST)
Fat content 48+
Ripening 2-12 months
Size 12 and 16 kg
Allergens Contains COW’S MILK,
may contain LACTOSE

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