De Producent is expanding from a small-scale warehouse to an ultra-modern warehouse.

The “Cheese Producers Cooperative – association for the export of full-fat Gouda Cheese with Government Quality label” later called ‘De Producent’ – was founded in 1915. The cooperative was established in order to create a better sales position to traders. Farmers sold their own cheese to traders who bought the cheese in line with market prices, meaning that the farmer frequently had to sell below cost. By establishing a cooperative, the farmers received a purchase guarantee and fixed compensation for the cheeses.

Over one hundred years later, De Producent still offers purchasing guarantees and stands for the responsible purchase of the cheese produced by its farmers. Within the Cooperative, De Producent has a large number of farmers who produce cheese under the strict quality control of De Producent. As a result, De Producent can always supply a rich and flavorful range of high quality cheeses. Due to the growth of the domestic and international cheese markets, De Producent has become a modern and flexible company and is one of the larger suppliers of Dutch Farmhouse Cheese in Europe.

Looking towards the future and the expected domestic and international growth, the continued expansion of capacity is a must. De Producent has therefore invested in a brand new warehouse with complete quality certification. 


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