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Our farmers

Farmhouse cheese is a traditional and artisanal product. Even nowadays, the preparation is mainly manual labor. Our tasty cheeses are made according to authentic recipes, sometimes age-old family recipes are used. Our farmers make the tastiest cheeses suitable for all market segments in the national and international markets. Some farmers are specialised in the production of raw milk cheese, others thermise or pasteurise the milk.

Family Van Zeeburg from Doornspijk:

Our farm originates from 1865 and is beatifully situated near lake Veluwe. After milking, the fresh milk is immediately used for the cheese production. The secret of our high quality cheese is probably the sophisticated unique selection of the herb-grass mixture that the cows eat outside every day. It also contributes to the population of bees, insects and meadow birds.

Our cooperative counts several dozen members, most of them are located in the ‘Krimpenerwaard’ and the ‘Groene Hart’ regions in the Netherlands. The peat-soils in these regions have traditionally been suitable for keeping dairy cattle. It is not without reason that Dutch farmhouse cheese originated in these regions!

Each farm has its own vision, methods and traditions. In addition, each cheese is handmade, creating a variety of flavours, smells and textures! As a result, farmhouse cheese is a characterful, non-standardized product, and always unique.

Family Den Boer from Haastrecht (The Two Hooves farm):

For more than 100 years, our familiy has been making farmhouse cheese, in 1918 the first generation started making cheese. What we personally really like is that we are milking the cows in the morning and that this milk goes into the brine as a cheese in the afternoon. We also have a shop on the farm. Our regular customers have come here for years to buy cheese and like to combine it with a tour on the farm, stroking calves and watching cows.