De Producent


High quality cheese, that is what we offer. Quality control already starts at the farm. Our quality department supports farmers in the production process, hygienic working and the control of raw materials an finished products. The quality of the milk and cheese is regularly analysed. During maturation, we frequently check the development of texture and flavour of the cheese.


Our farmers are all certified for meadow milk. This means that the cows enjoy a good pasture in the summer, which is good for the cow and therefore also good for the cheese!

In addition, De Producent has invested in a new sustainable warehouse in Moordrecht. We limit emissions through efficient heat recovery, LED lightning and a sustainable air conditioning system.


We guarantee the quality and food safety of our products with BRC certification. We are also SKAL (organic) and Meadow Milk certified and we are registered at Registrar Corp (for export to USA).