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Product range

We have a wide range of products. Besides dozens of different cheese makers, we take care of over ten models, a variety of herbs and spices recipes, full-cream and low-fat cheese with each cheese its own maturation process. Here you find our specialties and our most common available farmhouse cheese. Feel free to inform about our complete product range and to discuss possibilities for customized products. In consultation with you, it is possible to develop new products and varieties.

What does the TSG label mean?

All cheeses are made on the farm according to traditional methods.

Cheeses with a TSG label (i.e. “Boerenkaas”) are protected products by the European Union. TSG stands for Traditional Specialty Guaranteed and the cheeses are always made from raw milk. The association of dairy farmers and the Central Body for Quality Matters in Dairy (COKZ) supervise the authenticity of the product.

Other farmhouse cheeses are also supervised by the association and COKZ, but the milk may, for example, also be thermised or pasteurized.